Day One

  I woke up not excited or scared but with a lot of energy.  We all awoke around 50 am and ate breakfast at 5:30, once again prepared by Chef Joker.   We talked, and ate and waited.  We left just before 6 am and arrived a little after 7.  It took 45 mins to […]

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At Scout and Frodo’s.

I was picked up at the San Diego Zoo by Trail Angel Jan and taken to Scout and Frodo’s.  (Trail Angels are people who selflessly help hikers).  Scout and Frodo are legendary Trail Angels on the PCT as is there hospitality but I was a still surprised at the setup that awaited me.   Three […]

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110 Days Left For Departure!

    I plan on starting April 15th.  Only 110 days left!  It has been 14.5 months sense I decided  to hike across the United States, South to North via the Pacific Crest Trail.  Time has passed excruciatingly slow as I wait to start my adventure.  Its only going to seem slower the closer I […]

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions What experience do you have? I have little in the way of experience.  A few overnight, local hiking trips.  Countless nights goofing off in the woods when I was a kid.  A lot of caving.  I have never seen a real mountain.  I have never experienced a desert landscape.  I have […]

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What is the The Pacific Crest Trail

  What is the Pacific Crest Trail? The Pacific Crest Trail is a 2,660 Mile Hiking Trail that closely aligns with the highest portion of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges.  It stretches from the Mexican Border in Campo, California to Manning Park, British Columbia. The route is mostly through National Forest and protected […]

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